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Terms of Service

Policies, Procedures, & How We Operate

Our Terms of Service help structure the way we do business. They clearly define the responsibilities of each party as well as outline our policies and proceduresf or the way handle requests, revisions, proposals, and more.

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Project pricing is based on many variables – Things like the type of project or service, amount of pages, any requests for special functions, processes, or various other related aspects that affect the amount of man hours required to complete the task have a big impact on the quotes that we provide. It is very important to think about these details during the quoting process so that we are able to provide an accurate estimate / proposal for your project. All requests for estimates, pricing, and quotes must follow the format and procedure documented and outlined in the RFP Form, or submitted via the “Free Quote” form on our website. Once we receive the details about your request it will be reviewed to determine if we have enough information to provide a quote, or if we need more information from you.

The proposals, estimates, or quotes that we put together for our Clients are based on our understanding of their project and request at that time with the information that has been provided by the Client. If the nature or scope of the project details change as the project begins any additional work will require a new Proposal or Change Order which will need to be approved by both the Client and Sowers Web Technologies before any work has continued.


All requests for change, modification, or revision must be submitted via email and follow the format and procedure that has been documented and outlined in our RFCR Form. All requests from the Client are then reviewed to determine the exact nature of their request, and to determine the appropriate method of approach. If it is approved we complete the requested change / revision at no additional cost to you. If the Client’s request requires an additional quote we will provide one to the Client or if more information is needed the Client will be requested to follow the Request For Proposal procedure, RFP Form.


Clients whose websites are hosted by Sowers Web Technologies have access to emergency technical support 24 hours a day. In the event of a website hosting outage that is outside of our normal operating hours, clients should send an email to their account manager or leave a detailed message about their issue or question.

We take pride in the quality and level of services that we provide to our Clients. While we make an effort to ensure every aspect of our service is to the client's liking, we cannot control every variable. It is the Client’s responsibility to regularly test the functionality of their website, email, and / or any other product or service to ensure that things are working properly. If any problem is discovered or error has been made, please report the error to us immediately so we may take the appropriate action to provide a solution for the problem. We cannot be responsible for perceived loss of revenue under any circumstances.
Changes resulting from a Client's attempted changes, updates, modifications, or error and / or problems related to third party affiliates, merchants, vendors or technology, such as hosting servers or browser software may result in additional charges or fees to the Client by Sowers Web Technologies if they have requested our help to resolve this matter or troubleshoot the issue.


All text and photos used as content in a commissioned website must be provided by the client (unless the client has hired Sowers Web Technologies for content development). The client must have ownership or written permission to use all content he/she provides for use. It is up to each client to ensure his/her design and/or content does not infringe on any trademark, service mark, or copyright. Sowers Web Technologies cannot be responsible for intellectual property infringements on behalf of clients. Also, Sowers Web Technologies cannot be responsible for submitted content. Clients should not mail irreplaceable photos or documents or send content that must be returned.


Upon completion of a custom website design and payment of web design and development fees, the client is the owner of the commissioned website. The client may continue to use the commissioned website to promote the client's company or organization regardless of whether he/she chooses to continue further services with Sowers Web Technologies. The client does not have the right to resell the design or development to other companies. The client does have the right to add pages onto the existing site or have another company add pages onto the existing site using the commissioned website design/development. The client does not have permission to reuse pieces of our work in a redesigned website that gives another company design credit.


Website domain names are leased from domain name registration companies. When Sowers Web Technologies registers a domain name for a client, that registration will be made in the client's name. Upon payment of any outstanding fees, the client has the right to use that domain name regardless of whether he/she chooses to continue further services with Sowers Web Technologies. Domain name renewal and renewal fees are the responsibility of the client. If the client chooses to have Sowers Web Technologies renew the domain name on behalf of the client, an additional service fee will apply. Clients are advised to closely monitor the renewal date of a registered domain name and to verify that the renewal of said domain name has been completed. Sowers Web Technologies cannot be responsible for expired domain names.


Due to load times associated with website pages, the amount of time required to design, develop, and optimize, style, or revise them, there are basic limitations on what can be included in a single web page. A web page can hold the equivalent of about 2 pages of the content that would typically fit on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. If the content is straight text without any pictures, tables, graphs, etc., this equates to a maximum of 2000 words. If there are pictures, or tables, etc., then less text will fit. Additionally, a web page may include up to a maximum of six photos on a page. A photo gallery page with limited text may contain up to ten photos. If a client's content does not fit within these parameters, one or more additional web pages should be purchased.


All content must be submitted electronically via email (contact us for the correct email address). Text must be selectable as actual text rather than as flattened images. Both text and photos/graphics must be clearly labeled with the name of the page on which it will be displayed. Content may not be submitted via fax or paper copies. Exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance and will incur a surcharge.


If the client fails to provide a copy of an existing logo within ten business days, a substitute logo or company name graphic may be used. If the client later wishes to change the substitute logo or company name graphic, additional charges may apply.


If the client has requested the design include a particular photo, and the client fails to provide the required photo within ten business days, a substitute photo may be used. If the client wishes to change the photo, additional charges may apply.


Sowers Web Technologies will provide a content writer for home page text. If, for a period of ten business days, the client fails to be available for a telephone interview with the writer, then the writer will compose the initial text without having interviewed the client, that text will be automatically used, and the client may change it later himself using the content management system (CMS). If the client is available for an initial interview in a timely manner, then the writer will also provide one round of revisions after the initial text has been written. If, for a period of ten business days, the client fails to offer any feedback on the home page text provided, then by default, that text is approved, and the client may change it later himself using the content management system (CMS).


Unless the writer has been hired for additional pages, it is the client's responsibility to provide content for all other pages in the website. If the client provides all text (and optional photos) within ten business days, then Sowers Web Technologies will add that content to the website. If the client fails to provide content for those pages within ten business days, then Sowers Web Technologies will complete those pages with simple placeholder text such as, "ABC Client offers many XYZ Services. For more information, please contact ABC Client." The client will have the ability to add more complete content later using the content management system (CMS).


There may be other elements required such as passwords for existing domain names, etc. Regardless of what element may be required, if the client cannot or will not provide the required element or information within ten business days, Sowers Web Technologies reserves the right to make substitutions, leave elements out, or take other actions in order to complete the project.


If the client fails to provide the requested list of web pages within ten business days, by default, Sowers Web Technologies will assign page names. If the client later wishes to change these page names, additional charges may apply.


Unless otherwise specified in the design contract, subpages of any website will use the same design as the home page. Concept designs / Mockups are not provided for internal / sub-pages unless the Client has specifically requested them and the additional work and cost for these concept designs has been outlined in the Project Proposal. Formatting requests for sub pages will be considered but will not be guaranteed. If the client requires specific looks or formatting for sub pages, this request should be made at the time of the initial contract and may incur additional fees if requested after the project has begun. If the Client requests special functionalities, scripting, validation or similar web-development services after a project has already begun and these specifications were not clearly understood by Sowers Web Technologies at the time of the original project proposal the Client may incur additional fees to complete these requests or add them to their project.


Projects can be hindered if the client does not provide feedback or required elements in a timely manner, such as feedback on a design mockup, requested sitemaps, text to be used as content on the web pages, photos for either the design or for the content, the client's logo, appropriate account login information, etc. For that reason, if Sowers Web Technologies is waiting for content or other piece of information, the client will be notified. If the client fails to handle the requests within ten business days, then Sowers Web Technologies will take any or all of the following steps to keep the project moving forward in a timely manner: MOCKUP FEEDBACK. If the client does not give feedback on the design mockup within ten business days, by default, the mockup will be considered approved. If the client wishes to change the design, additional charges may apply.


If more than 30 days have passed since the Client signed the initial Project Agreement and the Client has continued to delay the project due to a lack of communication, failed payments, outstanding balance, or in any other unreasonable manner Sowers Web Technologies reserves the right to consider the project complete in its entirety and bill the Client for the completed project.


The majority of our web projects require an initial, non-refundable deposit (normally, 50% of the estimated total cost) due upon the execution of this agreement. All payments are to be made in accordance with the payment plan, payment schedule, terms of service, company policies, and any special requirements or terms as outlined in the agreed upon project agreement. Sowers Web Technologies reserves the right to remove any Project from viewing on the Internet if the Payment Terms have not been followed by the client or the final payment has not been received.

* We accept payments via the following methods: Cash, Check, PayPal, and most Credit Cards.
* All payments must be made in U.S. dollars and addressed to “Sowers Web Technologies”.

Sowers Web Technologies may suspend all services (including services provided pursuant to any unrelated order or other agreement we may have with you) if our charges to your credit card are rejected for any reason, or if any payment received from the client is rejected for any reason.

Specific requirements for the acceptable methods of payment may be given to any Client that has an outstanding balance with us or has made any payments that have been rejected or retuned for any reason. If the Client does not follow specific payment instructions that have been given to them in regards to the acceptable method of payment the Client will then be liable for any additional fees that they may incur for payments that are not received on time due to their choice in method of payment after specific requirements / instructions have been provided.


Clients may incur fees for late and / or returned payments to Sowers Web Technologies. Fees for any returned checks that a Client makes to Sowers Web Technologies may vary depending on the exact nature of the situation at hand, how much the returned check was written for, if the client has any outstanding balances, and other project or client-specific circumstances. For instance, if a Client is in “Good Standing” with Sowers Web Technologies (not having any outstanding balance, up to date with all project payments and / or balances owed to Sowers Web Technologies) writes a check to us that is returned, notifies us about the financial error and works to resolve the matter immediately, the Client may receive the minimum additional fee for the returned check. If a Client with an outstanding balance writes a check to Sowers Web Technologies that is returned they will most likely receive the full fee regarding returned checks, at a maximum fee of $75.00.

If a Client knowingly writes any bad checks to Sowers Web Technologies of $300.00 or more this may be reported to the State Attorney’s Office to report the Client and collect any balance that is owed to Sowers Web Technologies. Please Note – Knowingly writing a bad check to us is a criminal offense that we take very seriously.


Clients are expected to manage their own financials in a professional manner so that they are able to make all of their payments to Sowers Web Technologies in a timely manner, as outlined in the Project Agreement or Payment Schedule, or as required by Sowers Web Technologies in any Demands for Payment, which may have specific Terms or Requirements related to when any payment is due, or any costs or fees associated with additional late payments.

Outstanding Balances are any amount that a Client owes to Sowers Web Technologies for a period of 30 days or more, or any payment that is late according to any specific Payment Terms that were outlined in the original Project Agreement or conditionally set as Required Terms during a project in accordance with changes, modifications, or revisions that the Client requested and has given consent to move forward with such changes, modifications, and / or revisions either in writing or expressed consent through any communication with Sowers Web Technologies.

Any Client who has engaged in business with Sowers Web Technologies that has an outstanding balance may be subject to the forfeiture of any discounts given during or with their project that have been outlined as such discounts to the Client without any discrepancies received from the Client in regards to said discounts. Client will then be responsible for paying the amount that is owed to Sowers Web Technologies in addition to the total of any forfeited discounts that Sowers Web Technologies should choose to revoke.


Sowers Web Technologies may charge Penalty Interest to Clients who have any outstanding balances at 1.5% per month (or the maximum legal rate if it is less than 1.5%) for late payments. If the Client has received any discounts on services during their project with Sowers Web Technologies and has any outstanding balances Penalty Interest may be based on the original amount that is owed in addition to the total of any discounts that have been given during the Client’s project that have been documented as such discounts with their project with the Client’s written or expressed knowledge of said discounts or in reply-to such documents and the Client has not mentioned or reported any discrepancies about said discounts.


In case collection proves necessary, the Client agrees to pay all fees (including all attorney's fees and court costs) incurred by that process. Regardless of the place of signing of this agreement, the Client agrees that for purposes of venue, this agreement was entered into in Orange County, Florida, and any dispute will be litigated or arbitrated in Orange County, Florida and the Client hereby consents to the personal jurisdiction of the Florida State Courts. Furthermore, the Client waives any right to or claim of sovereign immunity.



Third party affiliates, merchants, and vendors have separate policies, procedures, and terms of service agreements. Sowers Web Technologies cannot be held liable for any disputes that may arise between our Clients and any third party affiliate, merchant, or vendor, regardless of their relationship with Sowers Web Technologies. Sowers Web Technologies cannot be held responsible for any lack of functionality in attribute to, or in conjunction with, the use of, or implementation of, any third party service that the Client has requested or agreed to through written or expressed consent in any communication between the Client and Sowers Web Technologies.


If the Client should decide to change his / her mind about working with us during the course of any project, the client will be responsible to pay for all work that has been completed at the time their request has been received. In order to protect our Clients from any unintentional service interruption any Client who wishes to request a termination of service must submit this request in writing and send it via certified post mail or via our make the request through our website.


Sowers Web Technologies, LLC reserves the right to refuse or cancel service in its sole discretion without refunds for any reason at any time with or without notice to the client. The following conditions are examples of what may trigger a Refusal of Service:

  1. Requests for service with anyproject related to the promotion of hate, intolerance, or any other typeof unethical practice or subject matter.
  2. Any Client with an outstandingbalance for a period of 30 days or more that has not responded to any ofour attempts to resolve the matter and collect payment.
  3. If a Client with any outstandingbalance and fails to attend multiple meetings that have been scheduledwith the Clients acceptance without any prior notice of cancellation or anyreasonable excuse for delay.
  4. If a Client knowingly makes, orattempts to make, a fraudulent payment to Sowers Web Technologies thatviolate any U.S. law or the Terms of Service of any Third Party Affiliate,Merchant, or Vendor that the Client chooses to utilize to make their payment.
  5. Failure to treat any of ouremployees, partners, or managing members, as well as any other business,person or entity that is engaged in providing a service with Sowers Web Technologies,with proper courtesy in a professional manner.
  6. If any of these Terms ofService are violated.


Sowers Web Technologies reserves the right to change these terms of service at any time for any reason with or without notice to the Client. Clients may request a copy of our Terms of Service or can access them at anytime on our website.

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