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VIP Reservations & Booking Platform

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We recently developed a custom VIP Reservations and Booking Platform for The V Group in Downtown Orlando, Florida. The platform is completely responsive (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Friendly) - built on the Bootstrap framework. It also utilizes the PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to accept deposits for booking VIP reservations and even send emails notifications when a reservation has been completed. This project also includes a fully featured custom backend that was developed to manage all of the reservations, payments, users, etc. When we say custom, we mean completely custom - Not WordPress, not Joomla, not Cake of some other PHP framework, completely custom. Everything from the consumer-facing front-end to the back-end as been hand-coded primarily in PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery.

App/Platform Overview

Essentially, the user/visitor is able to pick one of the V Group venues, then select a date from a JQuery Datepicker Calendar, and enter some additional information like the # of people in their party / time of the reservation, then check the availability of their requested reservation - If the requested venue, date, and time are availble the user is able to proceed to PayPal to complete the reservation.

Once the user has successfully completed the deposit via PayPal he/she is returned to the V Group website to a thank you page. If the user decides to cancel the reservation during the deposit (paypal process) he/she is also returned to the V Group website to let them know that they have not been charged for anything and the reservation has been cancelled.

Easy Steps for Booking VIP Reservations

  1. Select a Venue
  2. Select Date, Time, # of Guests - Check Availability
  3. Enter Contact Information - Proceed to PayPal to Make Deposit and Complete Reservation

Making Deposits for VIP Reservations

The amount of deposit required for the VIP reservation is based on a custom set of rules, that can be changed at any time, but primarily focuses on the number of availble tables the party will occupy. This is where things can get a bit tricky - Each venue may have different seating allowances per table and different amounts of tables available. These variables are plugged into the system in a way that calcualates availability based on successfully completed reservations and determines the deposit required based on these variables and custom "rules" for each venue.

Overall the development and implementation of this custom VIP Reservations and Booking Platform has been quite a success for The V Group - who manages a group of more than 8 nightclubs/venues in the heart of Downtown Orlando. This platform has been in place for a few months now and we are continuing to monitor it's success and make improvements to the system as it grows.

View the project here: V Group VIP Reservations

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